Are Investors Shying Away from Shares of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE)?

Moving -0.07% from the previous session and touching $42.97 on a recent trade, shares of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE) have been on a number of investor watchlists of late. 

As most investors realize, markets will trade in cycles. This being the case, most investors will likely experience extremes of both bull and bear markets during their investing tenure. A big factor in scooping up profits during bull or bear markets is having the ability to identify when markets are beginning to peak or bottom out. This is obviously no easy task even for the most experienced investor. Certain types of stock investment strategies may do better during different market conditions. Professional traders may use highly complex systems in order to spot market opportunities. Novice investors who are just starting out may use simple strategies at first. Choosing a stock picking strategy that is tailored to fit the individual investor’s goals and financial situation may be a good way to create a solid base from which to start from. With the proper amount of research and discipline, the novice investor can begin to make the transition into becoming a skilled investor.

Let’s take a quick look at how the price of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE) is currently trading in comparison to some of its simple moving averages. At current levels, shares have been seen trading 0.22% away from the 20-day moving average. The stock has been recently separated from the 50-day moving average by 0.13%. Using a broader approach, the stock has been trading 2.66% off of the 200-day moving average. After the latest check-in, shares are -2.15% off of the 50 day high and 3.82% away from the 50 day low number.

In terms of performance, shares of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE) are 9.65% since the start of 2016. Over the past week, shares are -1.04%. Moving out to look at the previous month performance, the stock is at 0.23%. For the quarter, performance is at 0.16%. During the past six months, OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE)’s stock has been 0.14% and 16.04% for the last 12 months.

Investors are constantly searching for quality stocks to help provide a boost to the portfolio. Quality can come in various forms such as a company that is a sales leader in a market that is growing or a company that is a technological leader with a proven record of success. Finding quality stocks at a bargain price is typically on the agenda for most investors. Because the economy and the stock market do not always go hand in hand, it may be important to analyze individual stocks. Some investors may choose to buy when the market is going up and sell when the market is going down. Other investors will opt to do the exact opposite. Whether the investor is going with the trend or against it, it can be important to make sure that the right types of stocks are in the portfolio. Nobody can exactly predict the future, but staying on top of portfolio holdings may help when the necessary decisions need to be made.

As we move deeper into the year, investors will be paying attention to which companies are well-positioned for future growth. Even if the current earnings reports are a mixed bag, investors can study which industries look they are taking the top spot. Many active investors may be focusing on which way estimates are trending heading into the company earnings release. Analysts will often make updates to projections shortly before and after the earnings numbers are provided. Many active investors may enjoy the volatility that comes with trading around earnings, but others will choose to let the heavy action pass before deciding which stocks to buy or sell next.  

Analyst Views

Wall Street brokerage firms that regularly cover the stock have provided price targets and recommendations on OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE:OGE). According to First Call, the consensus price target for the company is $42.28. The consensus recommendation provided by analysts is currently 3.20. This number is based on a scale from 1 to 5. Analysts rating the company a 1 or 2 indicate a Buy recommendation. Analysts rating the company a 4 or 5 indicate a Sell recommendation. Analysts rating the company a 3 indicate a Hold recommendation.

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